WaterWorX is a library of operational assets such as pumps, pumping systems, flowmeters, valves, DMAs, service reservoirs, sensors and actuators  and all the operational assets, which you would expect to find in a typical water or wastewater system. They are modelled in terms that a water engineer will be very familiar with and incorporate best operating practice, asset management functions such as condition monitoring diagnostics and energy efficiency.

WaterWorX Things integrate real-time measurements and fixed asset data to calculate key performance indices at the asset level. For example, a service reservoir level sensor not only displays the depth of water in the reservoir; but if linked to the inflow and outflow flowmeter values the physical dimensions of the tank, it can also inform the asset operator about:

  • The volume of water in storage (inventory).
  • Average water age.
  • Available supply margin as a percentage of average or peak demand at a particular time of day.

This is real-time risk management!


Pushing Intelligence to the Edge

We refer to the electronic device in the field - the RTU (Real Time Unit) -  as our Smart Edge. The Smart Edge controller is a non-proprietary, standard industrial Linux computer with dedicated wireless communications. It incorporates statistical calculations and data storage, and communicates with the server by means of high-value messages - intelligent information rather than just data.


This has the result that alarms are presented in context and often with a recommended action, which vastly simplifies the traditional alarm deluge problem