Flood Expo 2015

Sensing in Water 2015, Nottingham UK

Aquamatix exhibiting at SWIG Exhibition and Conference - 23-24 September

Using sensors and instrumentation will help deliver water company outcomes in AMP6 and over the next 25 years. The 3rd biennial Sensing in Water Conference & Exhibition will include presentations from end users, regulators, researchers and manufacturers of water sensors and related technology.

AquamatiX has taken an innovative approach to the way real-time networks management systems are designed and delivered, which is much faster, lower cost and based on open standards. Managing director Laurie Reynolds looks forward to welcoming you on the company's stand to find out more. 

To register, visit: http://www.swig.org.uk/event/sensing-in-water-conference-exhibition/ 


Flood Expo 2015, London UK 

Laurie Reynolds: Speaking at Flood Expo 2015 - 14-15 October


Internet of Things (IoT) is a phenomenon which will transform our lives. It has come about due to convergence of low-cost sensor technology, wireless communication networks, distributed data analytics and mobile computing. The presentation will illustrate the application of IoT to water level sensing and water management which, when combined with rainfall prediction and simple mass-balance model, has enabled a canal operator to reduce flood risk and pumping energy usage.


Laurie Reynolds is a Chartered Engineer with over 40 years` experience in real-time communications, monitoring and optimisation of water systems.

Laurie founded AquamatiX in 2011 to pioneer the application of Internet of Things technology in the water industry and is a passionate advocate of open standards and collaboration to address environmental challenges and create new business value. He is leading the smart water use case in Hypercat, an IoT research programme funded by Innovate UK for horizontal integration of intelligent systems.

Find out more and book free tickets: http://www.thefloodexpo.co.uk/speakers/laurie-reynolds/ 


European Utility Week 2015, Vienna Austria

AquamatiX taking part in Startup Pavillion at European Utility Week - 3-5 November

AquamatiX will join 50 of the world's top startup companies in the Innovation Hub at European Utility Week. 

Very few industries face as many challenges as the smart utility sector. Driven by far-reaching global issues like climate change, water scarcity and carbon footprint reduction, utilities strive to find ways to implement efficient solutions to create a sustainable future. Innovation is the key enabler to facilitate this essential outcome.

Meet AquamatiX managing director Laurie Reynolds to find out more about how the company is using the Internet of Things to help water utilities drive efficiencies. 

For free exhibition registration, visit: http://www.european-utility-week.com/innovation-hub